Southwest Virginia Bird Club

SWVBC is a Parrot Outreach and Education Program. We present various educational lectures, exhibits, and interactive programs to local groups and organizations (assisted living centers, child and adult day care centers, public and private schools, civic and religious organizations, etc.).

These programs are available at no cost and can be scheduled by contacting:

Sue Brewer, or 540-366-1193


Melody Blankenship, or 540-344-0313

The Southwest Virginia Bird Club (SWVBC) was organized 1998 for public service and educational purposes, specifically, to inform owners of companion birds, as well as any other person interested in companion birds, as to the best methods of providing proper nutritional, environmental, and behavior-specific care.

Rehoming Information

If you have a bird who needs a new home or if you are interested in offering a new home to a bird in need, please contact Evelyn Krippendorf at: or call 540-982-8499 for more information.


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