Southwest Virginia Bird Club

Pet birds are very important especially to bird geeks. Around the world, there are many bird clubs and one of these clubs is the Southwest Virginia Bird Club. This club is devoted to the well-being of pet birds under human care. The members are known as bird geeks who are willing to learn about the needs and delights of pet birds. They also learn about how to deal with the issues on bird care, bird breeding as well as conservation issues. This club’s purpose is amazing!

The club also holds an annual Bird Fair and it was always a success. There are volunteers who always help in unloading tables and in organizing the event as well as the venue. The Southwest Virginia Bird Club also held meetings wherein in each meeting, a special guest bird of the month is being featured. There is also an invited guest speaker for the meeting for a bird related program, raffle, and refreshments. This club encourages anyone to join whether singles or family members.

Aside from the Southwest Virginia Bird Club, there are other Pet Bird Association of the whole state of Virginia. All bird lovers in Virginia join in the said association. Some other Bird Clubs in Virginia include the Commonwealth Avicultural Society (CAS), National Capital Bird Club (NCBC), and the Peninsula Caged Bird Society (PCBS). The Pet Bird Association of Virginia is an organization that is dedicated to Avian research, education, and healthy as well as happy birds. The members of this organization are brought together by their love of birds.